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Visualization canvas

Instances in the knowledge base can be pushed to the visualization canvas, are then drawn, and can be further inspected. Currently supported: Action sequences, linked to the resp. human pose sequence, as well as most objects that are relevant in the IAS kitchen.

The visualization is written in Processing and Java.

You can navigate the display with the following commands:

Communication visualization applet

This is a small applet for visualizing communication that is being performed. There are two images for the sending and receiving entity that can be changed on-line plus two text fields where the query and response strings can be visualized.

The applet offers four services for changing these four fields, all of which accept a string that is either visualized or used as a file name to load an image.


Launch with

 rosrun mod_vis communication_vis

You can either call the services directly or, from within Java, use the wrapper function in the CommunicationVisApplet class:

 CommunicationVisApplet.visualizeCommunication("Retrieving model...", "", null, "cop.png");

Visualization of task descriptions

See here for documentation: http://www.knowrob.org/doc/plan_visualization

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